“The beauty of the Morgan horse lifts the heart.
The breed exists because they please people. It is their heritage.”

Rosebrook Park Morgan Sport Horses – quality horses with Morgan blood, based in Harvey, Western Australia.

The Morgan breed is steeped in tradition and has served many roles in history. The original “American Sporthorse,” the Morgan horse has been known for centuries for their athleticism, superb dispositions, great heart and soundness. Morgan horses are loyal, proud, and their eagerness to please makes them adaptable to any situation – they are the ultimate all rounder.

Toughness and soundness, thriftiness, stamina, endurance and athleticism were all built into the breed a couple of hundred years ago from necessity.

The modern Morgan horse retains those qualities and the generous endless willingness to try.

They seem to come with a built in Yes.

Yes to life, yes to friendship, yes to connection, yes to play.

Morgans are increasingly being recognized as outstanding partners, that are well suited by temperament and talent for all disciplines, both in competition and for pleasure.

We produce a small number of quality pure and part bred horses, which are often available for purchase.

They have been bred to be loved and enjoyed.